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Ashampoo Movie Menu icon A tool that can help you easily create personalized video discs (either DVD or Blu-ray) with great-looking menus in highest quality

Multimedia files are one of the most commonly practiced forms of entertainment nowadays. Although accessible through the Internet, legal distribution is done on DVDs and Blu-rays and are most of the times equipped with menus for an enhanced experience. However, personal movies can also be stored on media disks, with applications like Ashampoo Movie Menu giving you the possibility to personalize the way you access and view them.

Suitable for all levels of experience

Even if you never used such an application before, the application's clever design and implementation of features quickly gets you up and running. The interface is wizard-driven and takes you through a series of steps with intuitive features and helpful info that gets you out of sticky situations.

The application lets you create menus for DVDs and Blu-ray disks either in HD or FullHD. This is the first step you need to take so that the application knows how to adjust quality settings and what encoders to use. Steps that follow are dedicated to design, with little effort required on your behalf.

Support for various video formats

A few technical details can be set, such as output device and screen format, with the possibility to also provide a title. Needless to say that somewhere along the way you need to import the video files you want to burn to disk. File support is a solid feature, with an impressive array of choices that range from AVI, WMV and MPG to M2TS, MPEG, VOB or QT.

You can use the application to simply burn video files in order to have them converted to DVD format. On the other hand, fun menus can be created, and the process only depends on your imagination.

Multiple customization options

The design screen is fully interactive, and there's also a preview section to get an idea of the result. What's more, the application can generate a fully interactive preview for even better analysis.

You can equip the given canvas with images, various shapes, text and buttons you arrange as you see fit. Regardless of the object you place on the canvas, it can be resized, rotated and even enhanced with transparency and color settings where the possibility exists.

Save locally or burn to disk

Once you're happy with the design, you can choose to export your product either directly to an optical disk or locally. It can take some time to process your project. Sadly, there's no option to have your computer automatically shut down in case you don't want to stick around until processing is done.

In conclusion

On an ending note, Ashampoo Movie Menu lives up to expectations and gives beginners and experts alike the possibility to create colorful, fun and interactive menus for multimedia disks. The wizard-driven creation process makes sure you don't get stuck along the way, while abundance of customization options lets you blend media content theme with menus you create.

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Ashampoo Movie Menu was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
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