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Ablebits Text Toolkit for Excel icon Clean cells, remove excess spaces or certain characters, change the case of words, and convert text to a proper format with this handy Excel addin

Ablebits Text Toolkit for Excel is an intuitive Microsoft Excel add-in, which enables you to quickly arrange the text contained in cells, in order to prepare it for printing. The software features several functions that allow it to scan the text contained within the selected cells and convert it to a proper format, as well as add, split or extract text.

The character trimming functions

Ablebits Text Toolkit for Excel features powerful functions for text scanning, that can automatically remove unnecessary or unaesthetic characters from the text lines contained within cells. For example, it can trim leading or trailing spaces, meaning remove excess spaces before and after cell values. Moreover, it can remove excess spaces between the words, that appear due to misspelling or incorrect copy-pasting.

Additionally, it can delete non-breaking spaces from cells or non-printing characters. Line breaks that you place in certain cells, for instance, are non-printable, thus unnecessary within the text line. You may remove all numeric or text characters from a selected cell, as well as delete symbols, punctuation marks or other characters that the printer might not recognize.

Simple to use lettercase changer

The ‘Change Case’ function allows you to modify the text contained within the selected cells to all upper/lower case, or capitalize only the first letter of each word. You may thus transform the text in a cell to a song/novel title format. Additionally, you may only capitalize the first letter from each cell. The cell range is defined in the field at the top of Ablebits Text Toolkit for Excel’s menu. Additionally, you may convert numbers that are stored as text to numbers, or find and replace all similar characters with a custom symbol.

Page arrangement within seconds

Ablebits Text Toolkit for Excel is a reliable tool that can save you much time, in case you need to transform the text in a spreadsheet into the proper format. Often times it happens that the Excel sheets contain spelling mistakes, extra spaces or unnecessary characters. You may easily clean these characters and convert the text to the desired format.

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Ablebits Text Toolkit for Excel was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
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