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Combine Rows Wizard for Microsoft Excel icon Merge duplicate rows based on selected key columns in Microsoft Excel with this add-in that offers an accessible wizard interface

Working with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and tables can sometimes involve filtering duplicate records. This can be a time consuming task, especially when the duplicate records are present on multiple rows. Combine Rows Wizard for Microsoft Excel is an Excel add-in that was developed in order to provide users with an efficient solution for eliminating duplicate rows, based on a specific column key.

Unobtrusive add-in that integrates seamlessly with your installation of Microsoft Excel

The add-in features a straightforward installation process, after which it can be easily accessed in the Ablebits Data tab of Microsoft Excel. Once they have opened the table where duplicate rows will be combined, users can initialize the add-in and they will be greeted by an assisting wizard.

Provided that they have selected the rows where duplicate records are identified, people will be able to choose the so called “key columns”. These will enable them to determine which are the unique records that define the duplicates.

Save on precious time with this add-in that allows you to easily combine duplicate rows in Excel tables

In order to provide even more flexibility, the add-in provides users with options for deleting the duplicate values or skipping the empty cells. Several delimiter types are available and one be able to choose from the following: comma, semicolon, space or line break.

However, in spite of its swift and easy-to-understand workflow, the add-in fails to provide any hints or tips and this, combined with the poor online documentation could be troublesome for novices. Furthermore, a thumbnail preview of the changes that occur in the table when selecting the different options could have also been beneficial.

Valuable add-in that will expedite the process of merging duplicate rows in Excel tables

Considering its intuitive configuration process and prompt action, this add-in could be a valuable choice for those who need to combine duplicate rows from their Excel tables. It will allow them to choose specific key columns, which serve as unique identifiers upon which the duplicate rows are combined. Allowing users options for deleting duplicate values or skipping empty cells, the add-in performs flawlessly.

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Combine Rows Wizard for Microsoft Excel was reviewed by Andrei Verdeanu
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