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Yosoro icon Intuitive and sophisticated notebook editor with OneDrive sync, Markdown and HTML export support, wrapped in an elegant interface

Whether you're a writer or just someone looking to work on important projects without any distractions, you can use Yosoro. An elegant application designed with the Electron framework, this is a notebook editor available for not only Windows but also macOS and Linux users.

Yosoro takes a simple and sophisticated approach toward text editing, giving you the possibility to seamlessly create as many notebooks as projects you have at hand.

Write notes in an elegant text editor

Each book can be filled with as many notes as necessary. Markdown syntax is supported but you can also view the HTML version right next to it, thanks to the fact that a dual pane allows for Markdown and HTML designs to be viewed at a glance.

We haven't discovered a limit to the number of characters that can make up a note, so you shouldn't have to worry about that. The notes are saved automatically to Yosoro, thus eliminating the risk of losing any unsaved work.

Upload notes to your OneDrive account

What's more, you can sync any notes to your OneDrive account once you authorize this, making is possible to access, download and delete your notes on any computer that has Yosoro installed. In fact, the program doesn't need to be installed since its contents can be unzipped anywhere on the disk (or on a portable storage unit) in order to launch it without setup.

In addition to uploading notes to OneDrive, they can be saved as Markdown or HTML files, which will have the exact format as seen in the main window. Of course, notes can be deleted too, but the change is not permanent since Yosoro gives you the possibility to reanalyze the trashcan contents and open notes to permanently delete or restore to their original location.

Taking everything into account, Yosoro manages to bring something new to the table in a time when the digital platform is oversaturated with various kinds of text editors, thanks to its practical features as well as sophisticated approach.

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Yosoro was reviewed by Elena Opris

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